Jackson Auto Sales - Sold me a car that had been wrecked

Sioux Center, Iowa 3 comments

We bought a 2012 Impala from Jackson Auto Sales in Crystal ,MN.It had a noise in the front end.

Had the car checked and learned that it had been wrecked. The dealer did not disclose this. He said it had a clean car fax. The frame is bent.

The hood does not fit right. Hood should have been replaced and was repaired. Overall repair was horrible. The estimate to repair and bring the car back to good condition is $4700.

The dealer will not take it back.

I requested my money back 2 days after purchase, the dealer refused.

Review about: 2012 Impala.



Wow.I found out my 2013 Mustang had structural damage from an accident in California.

I've never been to California.

I think they move vehicles between Mn and Cal.And I'm sure they knew the frame was compromised but sold it to me anyways.

Bethel, Minnesota, United States #872662

I have done business with this dealer and they were very fair and up front. They have a car fax for EVERY car I asked to see. Did you ask to look at the Car Fax?


"He said it had a clean carfax" did you actually look at it or ask to see it or get it yourself?

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